Performances and services

Geppert Rührtechnik offers you numerous performances and services in all aspects of agitators. Our main focus are always our customers and their individual agitator requirements.

We have been synonymous with quality and reliability in the construction of agitators for over 45 years. We will consult you on your specific application in any substance processing industry.

Lay-out and project planning
We will always design the appropriate stirrer in accordance with high quality standards – both standard and special applications. We hereby prioritize choosing energy-efficient power units.

Engineering and construction
Based on our many years of experience in engineering, especially in the field of special designs, we will help you with all your questions around agitators.

Agitator tests
We will run agitator tests for you in our in-house laboratory as needed. Whether you want to develop a new product or test the stirring performance of an existing product you will find the perfect combination of variable agitator systems and competent staff at Geppert Rührtechnik.

To show you the scope of possible applications of our products we’d love to present you our entire range of products. This is of particular interest for plant construction and planning companies. We also offer general training, such as introduction to the agitator technology.

Installation and commissioning
If installation or commissioning cannot be executed by your own company, we’d love to be of service at all times.

Intensive care and assistance after acquisition
You want to make postpurchase changes or take optimization measures with regard to the agitator installation or the drive? We are also here to help.

Spare parts delivery
We offer spare parts for our agitators even after many years and we guarantee fast and dependable delivery.

Pick-up in case of damage
In the unlikely case of damage we take care of the pick-up.

Reconstruction and repair of agitators
You want to convert production and cannot use your current agitator any longer? In many cases reconstruction is a possibility!
Of course we also carry out repairs. It goes without saying that we will provide you with a cost estimate.

Servicing and maintenance
If you wish, we will make an offer for service and maintenance of your agitator at the time of purchase, while taking into account your specific requirements.

Service contact

Take advantage of our services and contact us via our contact form, email or phone +49 (0)6150 9674-0