Industrial agitators

Industrial agitators are suitable for all applications in the materials processing industries. They are used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, paper and pulp industries, food industries as well as in water and wastewater treatment.



LRE - simple top-entry agitator

The LRE is the most simple solution of an industrial agitator. It consists of a hollow shaft geared drive (worm geared, parallel shaft geared or helical bevel geared drive) and a rigid cast steel bearing housing. Details

LRD – top-entry sealed agitator

The LRD series top-entry sealed agitator can be used for mixing in closed containers with a mechanical seal. It is designed with a coupling housing. Details 

LRK - top-entry agitators for rigorous requirements

The top-entry agitator LRK is used to meet rigorous requirements regarding both bearing and smooth-running. Details 

NRK – compact top-entry agitator

The NRK series is a compact top-entry agitator that can be used to meet high requirements regarding both surfaces and cleaning inside and outside of the tank. Details

GLP – pneumatic top-entry agitator

The GLP is a pneumatic top-entry series agitator that is used for homogenizing, dispersing, emulsifying and suspending in vessels and for viscosities up to 500 mPas for instance in wastewater treatment, chemical and cosmetics as well as in food industries. Details 

SPR - standard-propeller-agitator

The direct driven agitator SPR is Geppert Rührtechnik’s solution for all industrial mixing tasks that demand a turbulent mixing with high peripheral speeds. Details 

PDR - side-entry agitator for mixing below liquid surface

The PDR is a simple side-entry-agitator for mixing below the liquid surface. Details 


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