CRP-M - Pneumatic tote tank mixer for stainless IBCs

The CRP-M tote tank mixers are featured with a pneumatic drive and were designed for the application in stainless steel tanks with filling openings of at least 400 mm and mixing volumes of 400 l to 1,500 l. The fast running pneumatic agitators are equipped with bearing and coupling housings. By means of the maintenance unit, pressurized air is enriched with oil for the vane drive.

The mixer is mounted on the container’s manway lid, which is clamped with butterfly screws or a clamp ring. The manway lid is supplied by the container manufacturer or by the customer. The impellers are designed to fit through the filling opening of at least 400 mm when being inserted.

All CRP-M series can be supplied as follows:

For technical details and equipment, please refer to the data sheet on the left.