CR-E - electric tote tank mixer for plastic IBCs

The tote tank mixers CR-E are designed for operation on plastic containers with filling openings of 150 mm and volumes from 600 l up to 1,200 l. The customer may choose between various viscosity-related basic versions of fast-running and slow-running mixers with electric drives. The agitator shafts are connected to the drive shafts with sleeve couplings or borne within the gear’s hollow shaft (worm gears). The agitator shafts are balanced for concentric run after assembly.

CR-E 6 0,75 

The mixer is mounted on a container traverse bridge, which is included in the scope of supply and clamped with a rapid fixing system to the cage frame of the IBC. The plastic bulk of the container is therefore not harmed by any static or dynamic loads by the agitator. The fixing of the traverse bridge is adjustable for various container models.

CR-E 300/1,5 - explosion-proof mixers are also feasible 

For technical details and equipment, please refer to the data sheet on the left.

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